What is SOi86?

SOi86 was created by myself, Gurjit Bansel.

I am a London based fashion and street art photographer. I decided to showcase my images on clothing because to me clothing is more than just a t-shirt or jacket. It's a creative expression of us as people. In every design I incorporate models, textures and elements from everywhere I shoot to create a unique design that has more going on than you initially see. 

At the heart of SOi86 is the desire to bring you models and faces that mainstream brands shy away from or use as one-off campaigns to engage certain groups. I found that models were picked according to the stereotype they were portreying - I wanted to address this hence hwy you will see models from many backgrounds represented in our work. 

I am a firm believer in supporting other small businesses hence all of our t shirts are printed/embroidered in my town High Wycombe, UK. We will never try to compete with big brands that are cheap due to off shore child-labour and aim to use organic fabrics when available.

Thanks for swinging by, please reach out to us at [email protected] and follow us on social media using one of the icons below.

Welcome to the SOi family!

Founder SOi86