What is the innocent campaign?

Soon after I started SOi86 I became more and more aware of minority groups being targeted by institutions and media based on their race and/or religion. 

I personally believe that expecting others to change and accept those that are different to them is great in theory but I prefer a more proactive approach. The INNOCENT campaign was born to highlight that innocent people are being targeted by institutions and villainised by the media.

Many times when wearing my INNOCENT hoodies/sweat shirts people stop to ask what it means - this gives rise to a great opportunity to educate and highlight issues that the majority of people are unaware of.

Over the years the message has expanded to highlight the struggle faced by innocent women in domestic violence, murders of minorities by institutions and highlighting groups that have been marginalised.

To date this has been our most popular campaign and we will use it as a platform to peacefully engage and educate those around us who don't fully understand what injustices are faced by others. My belief is that it is OUR responsibility to be the change that we want to see - please support small brands supporting such initiatives.